Saturday, September 19, 2009

Grandpa's Birthday!

Grandpa has been visiting us this week from Corpus Christie. Max is having fun chasing him and making him read his favorite books. I don’t think Grandpa seems to mind though. We were extra excited to be able to spend his 78th birthday with him. Tommy made us all a wonderful dinner and then we had cake for Grandpa. Max wasn’t sure what to make of the candles and us all singing. He was looking at us all kind of funny.

Grandpa also brought some old family photos with him. Those were really fun to look through. Especially when you see his baby pictures; Max looks sooo much like him! It’s crazy! I guess Max is a Rowell, through and through … and those are some good genes.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Max's favorite activity

What is Max's favorite thing to do? Watch videos starring ... MAX! He's our little ego maniac. I have to say, it comes in quite handy. Changing a diaper and Max is a wiggle worm? Turn on a video and he's obsessed with watching and laughing at himself. Pretty dang funny. He has now learned the sign for "please". So, he stands in front of the computer, points at it, and makes the "please" sign. Oh, well ... at least he'll be a polite ego maniac!