Thursday, August 28, 2008

new faces!

Max loves meeting new people and checking out new faces! He got to meet JuJu and Megan yesterday! Judy was visiting her sis in WA and was kind enough to drive to Spokane so we could meet up. It was great because 1.) I haven't seen Judy since I moved to ID and 2.) We went to a MALL!!!!! Which I also haven't done since I moved to ID.... over a year and half! So Max got to make new friends and experience some retail therapy!

Max did great on the ride and slept most of the time. Although, about half way home, he woke up and was screaming and crying. (very unusual for Max) I had to pull over on the side of the road and give him a bottle. He wasn't thrilled about getting back in his car seat; he was searching for his jumperoo! When we got home, he didn't even want his cereal; he just wanted to JUMP! He had lots of energy to burn after all that snoozing in the car. Took him a while to go to bed, but once he did, he was out like a light!

there was only one thing missing ....

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Guy!!

This is just a random picture of Max's cuteness!!

Max is such a happy guy! Here's a great video of Tommy being silly and Max loving every second of it, totally cracking up!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

We are family

We had a great visit with Cindy, Brett, Chase and Abby! Cindy is Tommy's sister and such a wonderful lady! Abby loved Max and did a great job holding him - she even helped me give him a tubby and make his bottle! We took Max up to Schweitzer for his first mountain adventure. He really dug it! He mostly liked hanging out with his new found family members!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Finding your voice ...

Max is discovering his voice! If he's not blowing raspberries, he's testing the myriad of sounds his vocal cords can make. I like to try to mimic his sounds back to him. It seems to crack him up a lot. He does this crazy yell, we fondly call, "the pterodactyl scream". I guess it's only music to mommy and daddy's ears!

Dispite his red face, and "straining" noises ... no, he did not take a poo! LOL

Max likes to snuggle...

Over the last week or so, when you pick him up and put him over your shoulder, he hugs you back. Talk about your heart melting!!! He also has this great blankie with a little sheep attached to it that he's sleeping with. Now, he's hugging it when he is slumbering. He's a very good snuggler! HOW CUTE!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The way old friends do ....

We had a really nice visit with Abby and her mom who came up for a bit last week. Abby's folks moved to Spokane and she went to see them. Lucky for us, that is pretty close to Sandpoint, so I got to catch up with my old friend. She's doing great, excelling in school and as beautiful as ever! It sure was nice to see a pal from my old church and spend time just chit chatting, doing the girl thing. It was super fun to show off "Marvelous Max" and big surprise ... she thinks he looks just like daddy too! ..... We're hoping she gets the hankering to spend time with her parents frequently so we can see her too!

Monday, August 4, 2008

mmmmm .... Sweet Potatoes!

We had a really great weekend. Max has it a milestone; he opens his mouth for the spoon!! This is great; I no longer have to pinch his nose to get him to 0pen his mouth so I can stuff food in him! KIDDING ... I'm kidding! :) It's just fun to watch him enjoy his new foods now and gobble them right up! He went back to the doctor to get a couple more shots and he had gain over a pound in two weeks. So, he's just over 17 pounds now! The little truck!

Mema was excited when she heard that Max was willingly eating the veggies now. She's been wanting him to have it for about 2 months now. When I told her he was opening his mouth up for the food she said, "See, he's hungry!" LOL! Somehow I don't think he's starving to death!

PS- yes, that is a Crème Brule dish he's eating from . Auntie Amy will love that.

All that new food and full belly makes for good sleeping! .... it also does crazy sturff to his poo, but nobody wants to see that! :)

Meanwhile ... Baby Cat can't believe we're not over it yet ... and that Max is actually still in the house!