Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter 2011

Easter is such a wonderful holiday! We have so many blessings in the Rowell family to be grateful for. Thank you Lord for taking such good care of us!

We went to an Easter egg hunt at our local garden center. They had 2500 eggs to find and the place was packed with kids and fun activities. Max just loved the idea of being able to eat chocolate with reckless abandon!

Playing Easter games. Toss the bucket over the fence and it comes back filled with a present. Pretty good deal for a 3 year old; he thought it was great!

And luckily, we finally had some spring time weather! Beautiful, sunny warm day ... well, warm is relative. We were just happy we saw the sun and it wasn't snowing!

Easter morning was a lot of fun. Max really liked his Easter bucket o goodies. We went to church at 8am and did our basket after. He loved church!! He stood on the chair and danced for all the songs. Really doesn't get any cuter than that!

The Easter basket had some candy; but also a prayer book, recorder, a couple of wooden toy whistlers, a super cool flash light/glow stick and the special edition Easter hot wheels muscle car.

The most exciting part for Max, was finally getting the Thomas the Train bridge he's been coveting. This bridge is displayed in a few of his Thomas books, so he's always pointing at it saying, "I wanna see bridge!"

Luckily the Easter bunny heard those wishes! Max adores his new bridge and played with it for a long time! Very sweet. You can also see the cool turtle puzzle Uncle Brian gave Max for Easter.

All in all ... so much to be thankful for ... especially the Risen Lord! Thank you Jesus!