Monday, February 27, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday, Max!

WOW!  Look who turned 4 years old!  I can hardly stand it!  Max had a great birthday!  He was lucky enough to have not just Mommy and Daddy to celebrate with, but Grandpa Tom, Auntie Amy and Auntie Becky too!

Auntie Paula sent balloons which were a HUGE hit for Max!
Max showing us his 4 digits!  He's such a big boy; I feel like he grew into 4 just in the last couple of weeks!

Max gets so many hugs and kisses!  Look at the cheeky grin on his face as he plays hard to get with his adoring Auntie Becky!  It was so special to be close to some aunties and have them share in our celebration. 

Best Friends:  Auntie Becky and Auntie Amy give Mama some hugs!  SOOO love these ladies!.... and they ADORE Max.  So cute!

Max was also super lucky to have Grandpa Tom here for a few days to celebrate the bit FOUR!  And, of course, Max had to show Grandpa his favorite place to hang out: The Goleta Depot.  Train rides are so much fun!

are you having fun Grandpa?

Tommy and Grandpa Tom.  Tried to get 3 generations of Rowell men, but it wasn't happening.  We still have a few more days for visiting, hopefully we can capture all 3 cuties pies.  (and see the crazy genetics of how they pretty much all look alike. )

I just had to add this great picture. Daddy and Max sent to Mama while in Chia to cheer me up. I just love it!