Thursday, November 4, 2010

Playset - Aunt Becky - Halloween

There has been some great progress on the swing set. There is actually even more built than this picture shows. The slide is now up too! Just need swings and we're good to go! Max loves to play in his fort. He sometimes insists on having lunch there and even wants Daddy to join him. So cute! Needless to say, Grandpa gets HUGE props for such an amazing gift.

Max's Godmother, Aunt Becky, came to visit us! What a great blessing to have our dear friend spend a few day with the family. Of coarse, if Aunt Becky comes, presents come too. Sooo generous. And nothing perks Max up more than the word "presents"!

Max got some fantastic patagoina gear, a cool Dr. Sues puzzle and stuffed green monster. He was thrilled with all of it.

Max like sharing one of his favorite things to do with Aunt Becky ... coloring! She is such a good sport; she'll pretty much do or play with anything Max brings to her. Warms my heart to see them togehter. He's so lucky to have such an adoring Aunt.

Max love to throw rocks in the streams near our house. Aunt Becky would gather the rock for him to throw in the water. He could spend all day there if we let him. Becky probably would too! I love how the smallest things are of great interest.

On our way home from our walk, Max just wanted to hold Aunt Becky's hand. I think both of our hearts melted. Love when that little face looks lovingly up at you and grabs your hand. Love at its finest.


We had this great Asian outfit hand me down from our friend Linda. He looked so cute all dressed up. I told people he was a child laborer in China!

There was a great party at Coldwater Creek for the little Creekers. Max was wired for sound and didn't sit still for 10 seconds. He had more fun in the fitness center playing with the balls than he did at the party!

We did get him in the party for a short time. He did some bouncing, but pretty much wasn't into playing with all the kids. Oh well.. sometimes the best laid plans just don't work out.

We went to the Children's museum in Spokane before we took Aunt Becky back to the airport. It was kinda lame, but Max enjoyed playing in the mud.

Making electricity with Daddy. ..... Aunt Becky and Mom went shopping!
Becky.... we love you more than words will ever express. THANK YOU for being such a cherished member of our family!