Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pre-School Graduation

It's hard to believe Max graduated from Pre-School!  Our little guy will be starting Kindergarten at St. Raphael's in the fall.  What a big guy!  We're so crazy proud of you, Max!

The day before Max told me it was going to be a very special day and that he as going to bring home a Llama!   What?!?  A Llama?  The apartment is a little small for that.  After some more chatting, I figured out he was excited for his DIPLOMA! 

So very proud of his Llama.
getting hugs from his beloved teachers

Max so loves his teachers, Mrs. Bittner, Mrs. Schweitzer & Mrs. Maria.  I think he has a little crush on Jo Bittner.   I pray Max's love of school and learning continues to grow.
First Dad to win the Spirit Award

Tommy was lucky to recieve the Spirit Award!  This is given to the parent who is supportive of the teachers and class, etc.  Mrs. Bitner commented on how Tommy would always wish them a great day and show his gratitiude for giving Max such a loving classroom filled with learning and fun! 

Happy Family celebrating Marvelous Max
Max was so lucky to have his God Mother, Aunt Becky, join us for this special occasion.  Thank you Becky for sharing in our joy.  Max is blessed beyond words to have such an amazing God Mother!  We LOVE YOU!
BIG smiles .... so happy and proud of our awesome boy!  Love you Max!

We'll have to save this and post next to his High School Graduation photo. 
 ** super cute videos coming soon