Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Pre-School Graduation

It's hard to believe Max graduated from Pre-School!  Our little guy will be starting Kindergarten at St. Raphael's in the fall.  What a big guy!  We're so crazy proud of you, Max!

The day before Max told me it was going to be a very special day and that he as going to bring home a Llama!   What?!?  A Llama?  The apartment is a little small for that.  After some more chatting, I figured out he was excited for his DIPLOMA! 

So very proud of his Llama.
getting hugs from his beloved teachers

Max so loves his teachers, Mrs. Bittner, Mrs. Schweitzer & Mrs. Maria.  I think he has a little crush on Jo Bittner.   I pray Max's love of school and learning continues to grow.
First Dad to win the Spirit Award

Tommy was lucky to recieve the Spirit Award!  This is given to the parent who is supportive of the teachers and class, etc.  Mrs. Bitner commented on how Tommy would always wish them a great day and show his gratitiude for giving Max such a loving classroom filled with learning and fun! 

Happy Family celebrating Marvelous Max
Max was so lucky to have his God Mother, Aunt Becky, join us for this special occasion.  Thank you Becky for sharing in our joy.  Max is blessed beyond words to have such an amazing God Mother!  We LOVE YOU!
BIG smiles .... so happy and proud of our awesome boy!  Love you Max!

We'll have to save this and post next to his High School Graduation photo. 
 ** super cute videos coming soon

Sunday, May 19, 2013

More of May

 Mother's Day is always special.   I'm grateful to be Max's mom everyday, but on this particular day, it's extra meaningful.   This little boy is the pride and joy of our lives.  I am so glad I get to share the world with this amazing kid!  Love you soooo much, Marvelous Max!  Thank you, Tommy, for making it such a relaxing weekend.  You're the best!
Max's Mother's Day artwork.  Best present ever!
 This is the ring my Dad had made for my Mom many years ago.  It's the birthstones of my Brother, Sister and I.  I always remembered Mom wearing this ring as a kid and I would sit and play with it on her finger, spinning it around, etc.  I always thought it was so beautiful.  It makes me so happy to wear it everyday.  We got a bit of a ring repair for Mother's Day too; it had split and was broken.  Now, it looks better than it has in 20 years.... and Max spins it on my finger.  Makes me smile every time he does.
Nothing says Mother's Day quite like National Train Day!  The day before, we were lucky enough that the Santa Barbara Amtrak station was hosting an event.  We took the train to Carpenteria and back then spent some quality time watching model trains.  Max just loved it!  We also got a bag of train goodies:  Train whistle, train coloring book, train wall poster calendar, train postcards, train pins...  Like Max said, "This is the best Train Party ever!"

Amtrak Surfliner model train.  AKA: Favorite Train.

 As a wise friend once said, "Isn't everyday National Train Day for Max?"  ....  probably so!
the fascination is never ending

blowing kisses at the Goleta Depot
Favorite places:  Goleta Depot

Handcar at the Goleta Depot.  Gotta be 48" to ride ... not quite there yet. 

These two boys are the greatest thing that this earth has to offer.  Lord knows I waited such a long time, but look at this amazing family I have!  I never thought it would ever turn out so good.  My heart overflows with love and bliss that I have for these two awesome people!  And they're both so cute!   :)
Max and Daddy ... or Tommy and Mini Me.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A visit with Carol

We were so lucky to have Carol come visit us for a long weekend. Long time BFF, I'm so blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend, and adopted Auntie to Max!

Eastie BFF.  Love you Carol!

Have you heard that Max loves trains?  Well, we dragged Carol to all of Max's favorite places, including the Goleta Amtrak station.  Yes, Max knows the schedule of all trains coming and going.  It's a nice past time.
Look Mama, the train!
I'm gonna get you!
No visit would be complete without going to the Depot.  Max loves to ride the little train and had so much fun showing Carol the model train layout.  I'm sure she was on train overload before she went home.
Riding the Goleta Shortline.  Max's 2nd home.
Family portrait at the caboose
I was especially lucky to have my Eastie BFF and Westie BFF's to all hang out together.  I LOVED that day.  These women are beyond amazing and my life is so much better by having them in it.  I LOVE you ladies!!
After several tries with the timer and Carol running to catch the photo. A nice man took our picture... after he laughed at us. I'd like to see the out takes. :)
Carol, Me, Rebecca & Amy - at the Tin Shed at Patagonia.
Carol took so many great shots, it's hard not to post 50 million on the blog.  Here are some of my favorites.  Can't wait for you to visit again, Lady!  Get it on the calendar.  :)
Max and Mama on the carousel
OMG!  Can you stand the cuteness?  He's gonna be a lady killer.
Ever wonder why Max is so dang handsome?  Well, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  Max is a mini me of this Stud! Best Daddy ever!
BOO!  photo credit to Max Rowell!
Two besties ... stacking rocks at the beach.


our beautiful neighborhood in Goleta.
The Goodland

Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Day Out With Thomas

Thomas the Train came to visit Fillmore & Western Railway.  We took Max who loved seeing the big train in person.  We went for a ride and actually found a new Thomas the Train to bring home with us.  Hard to believe there was one he didn't already own.
Thomas the Tank Engine!
 It was a lovely day; started to get super warm.  Glad we had an early train.  Max was trying his hand at photography while we waited in line.
 They even played all kinds of Thomas the Train songs while riding on the train.  Pretty neat; Max Loved it. 
Mama and Max selfie
 We tried all day to get a family pic.  Max was either hiding or making crazy faces.  This was the best would could come up with today.   :)
family portrait?

Besties!  My 2 favorite boys!

Riding Thomas the Train.

More Max Fun

I little run down on things that make Max happy.   I'm trying hard to keep up with the blog this year so I can print it for Max.  Facebook has ruined me when it comes to keeping this current.  Hopefully, Max will be glad he has this to look back on one day. 
"Train Gate" light is finally fixed.  Max is quite pleased with it now.  He will bring anyone who comes over into his room so he can show it off.

how do you spell fun ... T R A I N S! Good thing the Goleta Amtrak station is only a few blocks away. Max knows the schedule and is always conning one of us into taking him.  I love when I get pictures from Max and Daddy aventures as train stations around the area.

Goleta Amtrak


Look at that smile!
 One of Max's new projects is working on his green thumb.  He's got some sunflower seedlings going and of course, grass.  We grow grass on a much smaller scale in CA than we did in ID.
CA for Grass
 By far the best thing this month was a visit from Carol .... or as Max says it, "Care-uull".  Sooo cute, fast friends and Max keeps asking when she's comeing back.  .... Uh, Carol?  :)
Max takes Carol to all his favorite places: Carousel

Santa Barbara "big carousel"

Scootering at the Santa Barbara beach
 At the end of busy days, a good snuggle with Mama is the best way to end it.  Especially if you get to sleep with your Amtrak Safey Card.
Sleeps with Trains.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Weekend

It was Easter weekend at the Depot too!  They have an annual even called the Easter Bunny Eggspress.  Very cute.  Not only did Max get to see the Easter Bunny, but his best friend, Leo, as well.  He had a great time ... but then again, Max always has a great time at the Depot.
Max and the Easter Bunny
Max and BFF Leo.  So much fun to these two train geeks at the Depot.  I love it.

I heard a version of this picture was in the Santa Barbara newspaper on Sunday.  Trying to get a copy.  What cuties!
Serious Engineering

Max, Leo and Katherine with the Easter Bunny

 My new favorite picture of the two loves of my life!! How did I ever get so blessed?
Max and Daddy

Easter Basket!

Luckily the Easter Bunny knows that Max LOVES trains.  Some of the loot included: Rail Road crossing flashing sign, new train DVD, train plate, train tattoos, train cookies, Diesel train, train snow globe, train umbrella, train shoe laces ......

Traintastic Easter Basket

The Easter Bunny is clever!
 Max was pretty methodical when gathering his eggs.  He got them one by one, even if there were several in sight.  Then he would say, "let's see what's inside!" Open the egg, take out his Hershey kisses, put in a pile, close the egg and stack in his Easter basket.  This was repeated about 20 times.
The Easter Bunny hides eggs in the strangest places...
 Max got a "growing turtle" for Christmas which he named Team Jr.  Now this turtle has a friend that also grows in water.  I don't think the star fish has a name yet.  But he was quite excited about him!
starfish grows to be giant in water

Snow Globe!
 Somehow, the Easter Bunny knew it was going to rain on Sunday.  Max was sooo excited about his new umbrella.  He was super proud walking with it on his way to church.
best umbrella ever