Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Day Out With Thomas

Thomas the Train came to visit Fillmore & Western Railway.  We took Max who loved seeing the big train in person.  We went for a ride and actually found a new Thomas the Train to bring home with us.  Hard to believe there was one he didn't already own.
Thomas the Tank Engine!
 It was a lovely day; started to get super warm.  Glad we had an early train.  Max was trying his hand at photography while we waited in line.
 They even played all kinds of Thomas the Train songs while riding on the train.  Pretty neat; Max Loved it. 
Mama and Max selfie
 We tried all day to get a family pic.  Max was either hiding or making crazy faces.  This was the best would could come up with today.   :)
family portrait?

Besties!  My 2 favorite boys!

Riding Thomas the Train.

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