Saturday, April 20, 2013

More Max Fun

I little run down on things that make Max happy.   I'm trying hard to keep up with the blog this year so I can print it for Max.  Facebook has ruined me when it comes to keeping this current.  Hopefully, Max will be glad he has this to look back on one day. 
"Train Gate" light is finally fixed.  Max is quite pleased with it now.  He will bring anyone who comes over into his room so he can show it off.

how do you spell fun ... T R A I N S! Good thing the Goleta Amtrak station is only a few blocks away. Max knows the schedule and is always conning one of us into taking him.  I love when I get pictures from Max and Daddy aventures as train stations around the area.

Goleta Amtrak


Look at that smile!
 One of Max's new projects is working on his green thumb.  He's got some sunflower seedlings going and of course, grass.  We grow grass on a much smaller scale in CA than we did in ID.
CA for Grass
 By far the best thing this month was a visit from Carol .... or as Max says it, "Care-uull".  Sooo cute, fast friends and Max keeps asking when she's comeing back.  .... Uh, Carol?  :)
Max takes Carol to all his favorite places: Carousel

Santa Barbara "big carousel"

Scootering at the Santa Barbara beach
 At the end of busy days, a good snuggle with Mama is the best way to end it.  Especially if you get to sleep with your Amtrak Safey Card.
Sleeps with Trains.

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