Sunday, July 25, 2010

Summer vacation ... take one!

Just finished a great week's stacation! It was wonderful to have time off and not be traveling anywhere. We live in such a beautiful place, why leave? Especially during the brief summer.
Grandpops Bobby came to visit us for a few days; we were thrilled to have him join us. Max was a little shy at first. The great thing about Max is, if he closes his eyes, the situation just doesn't exist and he hides in his little "Max world" until it's safe to comeout. Needless to say, it didn't take Max long to warm up to Grandpops.

Grandpops spoiled Max with a huge bag filled with terrific books! There was so much loot that we couldn't give it to him all at one time. He also got some cool planes, a back pack, a jack in the box (which was a little scary for a few days) and a retro top! That was a huge hit! Max loves to watch things spin so tha was an instant winner. It was hard to tell who got more enjoyment out of the presents, Max or Grandpops. They both were tickled pink, very darling to watch them together.

Mostly we bored Grandpops with our small town family fun stuff: running trucks up and down the walk way, goig to little kids birthday parties, swim classes, etc. We did some local sight seeing, like the Kootanea Wild Animal Refuge ... we saw a squirrell. That kind of stuff. But the weather was perfect, Tommy made us food that was outstanding, and the company could not have been any better.

All in all, it was awesome to have Grandpops visit and a few extra days off. I can't believe the week is over so quickly! Next on the vacation agenda: A visit from Grandpa from Corpus and the Govette family. Then, off to Seattle to see the Ranallis! Let summer begin ... finally!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Independence Day!

Independence day came a day early in Sandpoint. We signed up to walk the parade with a bunch of other Creekers. Great fun for sure, but went by very quickly! I think it lasted, maybe 15 minutes. Just about the time Max was starting to get excited about it, it was over. We realized after that it was the kiddie parade the not the "big" parade.
Ollie (the dog), Ami, Hadli, Mama, Max, Val, Matt, Dallen & Chase, Necole, Chandra and Casey.

Uncle Brian got roped in for another parade! :)

We were excited to see Jennifer and Chloe back from vacation; Max missed his buddy. They were running just a few minutes late and missed the big hurrah!

Max and his VBFF, Chloe! It's so much fun to watch these two play and grow up together. They've been friends since they were about 6 months old. Nothing makes Max happier than being with Chloe.