Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Weekend

It was Easter weekend at the Depot too!  They have an annual even called the Easter Bunny Eggspress.  Very cute.  Not only did Max get to see the Easter Bunny, but his best friend, Leo, as well.  He had a great time ... but then again, Max always has a great time at the Depot.
Max and the Easter Bunny
Max and BFF Leo.  So much fun to these two train geeks at the Depot.  I love it.

I heard a version of this picture was in the Santa Barbara newspaper on Sunday.  Trying to get a copy.  What cuties!
Serious Engineering

Max, Leo and Katherine with the Easter Bunny

 My new favorite picture of the two loves of my life!! How did I ever get so blessed?
Max and Daddy

Easter Basket!

Luckily the Easter Bunny knows that Max LOVES trains.  Some of the loot included: Rail Road crossing flashing sign, new train DVD, train plate, train tattoos, train cookies, Diesel train, train snow globe, train umbrella, train shoe laces ......

Traintastic Easter Basket

The Easter Bunny is clever!
 Max was pretty methodical when gathering his eggs.  He got them one by one, even if there were several in sight.  Then he would say, "let's see what's inside!" Open the egg, take out his Hershey kisses, put in a pile, close the egg and stack in his Easter basket.  This was repeated about 20 times.
The Easter Bunny hides eggs in the strangest places...
 Max got a "growing turtle" for Christmas which he named Team Jr.  Now this turtle has a friend that also grows in water.  I don't think the star fish has a name yet.  But he was quite excited about him!
starfish grows to be giant in water

Snow Globe!
 Somehow, the Easter Bunny knew it was going to rain on Sunday.  Max was sooo excited about his new umbrella.  He was super proud walking with it on his way to church.
best umbrella ever

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