Sunday, May 19, 2013

More of May

 Mother's Day is always special.   I'm grateful to be Max's mom everyday, but on this particular day, it's extra meaningful.   This little boy is the pride and joy of our lives.  I am so glad I get to share the world with this amazing kid!  Love you soooo much, Marvelous Max!  Thank you, Tommy, for making it such a relaxing weekend.  You're the best!
Max's Mother's Day artwork.  Best present ever!
 This is the ring my Dad had made for my Mom many years ago.  It's the birthstones of my Brother, Sister and I.  I always remembered Mom wearing this ring as a kid and I would sit and play with it on her finger, spinning it around, etc.  I always thought it was so beautiful.  It makes me so happy to wear it everyday.  We got a bit of a ring repair for Mother's Day too; it had split and was broken.  Now, it looks better than it has in 20 years.... and Max spins it on my finger.  Makes me smile every time he does.
Nothing says Mother's Day quite like National Train Day!  The day before, we were lucky enough that the Santa Barbara Amtrak station was hosting an event.  We took the train to Carpenteria and back then spent some quality time watching model trains.  Max just loved it!  We also got a bag of train goodies:  Train whistle, train coloring book, train wall poster calendar, train postcards, train pins...  Like Max said, "This is the best Train Party ever!"

Amtrak Surfliner model train.  AKA: Favorite Train.

 As a wise friend once said, "Isn't everyday National Train Day for Max?"  ....  probably so!
the fascination is never ending

blowing kisses at the Goleta Depot
Favorite places:  Goleta Depot

Handcar at the Goleta Depot.  Gotta be 48" to ride ... not quite there yet. 

These two boys are the greatest thing that this earth has to offer.  Lord knows I waited such a long time, but look at this amazing family I have!  I never thought it would ever turn out so good.  My heart overflows with love and bliss that I have for these two awesome people!  And they're both so cute!   :)
Max and Daddy ... or Tommy and Mini Me.

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