Monday, August 4, 2008

mmmmm .... Sweet Potatoes!

We had a really great weekend. Max has it a milestone; he opens his mouth for the spoon!! This is great; I no longer have to pinch his nose to get him to 0pen his mouth so I can stuff food in him! KIDDING ... I'm kidding! :) It's just fun to watch him enjoy his new foods now and gobble them right up! He went back to the doctor to get a couple more shots and he had gain over a pound in two weeks. So, he's just over 17 pounds now! The little truck!

Mema was excited when she heard that Max was willingly eating the veggies now. She's been wanting him to have it for about 2 months now. When I told her he was opening his mouth up for the food she said, "See, he's hungry!" LOL! Somehow I don't think he's starving to death!

PS- yes, that is a Crème Brule dish he's eating from . Auntie Amy will love that.

All that new food and full belly makes for good sleeping! .... it also does crazy sturff to his poo, but nobody wants to see that! :)

Meanwhile ... Baby Cat can't believe we're not over it yet ... and that Max is actually still in the house!

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Julie said...

Look at Baby! Doesn't look like he is suffering much.
Max is getting so big Pam, you guys must be so happy. Thanks for sharing your site with us.