Thursday, August 28, 2008

new faces!

Max loves meeting new people and checking out new faces! He got to meet JuJu and Megan yesterday! Judy was visiting her sis in WA and was kind enough to drive to Spokane so we could meet up. It was great because 1.) I haven't seen Judy since I moved to ID and 2.) We went to a MALL!!!!! Which I also haven't done since I moved to ID.... over a year and half! So Max got to make new friends and experience some retail therapy!

Max did great on the ride and slept most of the time. Although, about half way home, he woke up and was screaming and crying. (very unusual for Max) I had to pull over on the side of the road and give him a bottle. He wasn't thrilled about getting back in his car seat; he was searching for his jumperoo! When we got home, he didn't even want his cereal; he just wanted to JUMP! He had lots of energy to burn after all that snoozing in the car. Took him a while to go to bed, but once he did, he was out like a light!

there was only one thing missing ....


candiedfabrics said...

who is that cutie?

Pam said...

Since we all know who Max is ... the only other cutie must be Moose! Judy's dog!