Monday, August 18, 2008

We are family

We had a great visit with Cindy, Brett, Chase and Abby! Cindy is Tommy's sister and such a wonderful lady! Abby loved Max and did a great job holding him - she even helped me give him a tubby and make his bottle! We took Max up to Schweitzer for his first mountain adventure. He really dug it! He mostly liked hanging out with his new found family members!


Anonymous said...

He's getting so big! The tie dye looks great on him!

Julie said...

I love the pictures Pam! You can see the family resemblance. It is so great that you all were able to get together.

cindy said...

We had such an incredible time with you guys in Sandpoint! Cannot wait to return -- we loved every minute of it. Max is so adorable... Thank you for all the great photos (just wish I was more photogenic! Ha!) -- great memories! xoxo