Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

Max, before he ate his sweet potatoes ... then we needed a costume change because he was a mess! I also had to change my clothes because he decided to blow raspberries while having his mouth full. Very nice... LOL
We had a wonderful Thanksgiving! The food was amazing and I'm about to pop! Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, green bean casserole, potato casserole, squash, cranberry sauce, rolls, peanut butter pie, and pumpkin pie! I'm sure I'm forgetting something!
It's always fun to see Max being dressed in "big boy" clothes and not in his jammies. He looks like such a little man. I can't stand it! He got all gussied up for his first Thanksgiving; he knew he was having guests and wanted to look his best. We had Misti, Virginia and Loren join us for dinner; Gina make a guest appearance and brought the wine (which we all really appreciated!) Brian even came to give us good cheer early afternoon!
Luckily there were a lot of hands making this meal happen because I don't know how someone could do it and watch a baby too. Thanks, Misti, for coming over and helping me stuff the bird and watch Max so I could take a shower. And to Tommy, who was up until 5 am chopping and preparing the ingredients. And Virginia who brought the horse devours. It really does take a village. ha ha ha
We have blessings beyond belief and have an incredible amount to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.. the best family... fantastic friends.... taking a moment to recognize that felt wonderful.

Max was super social and had a great time hanging out with all the friends. He's such a happy guy; he just makes everything more fun.

After all the friends and playtime; Max crashed hard. We're hoping it's all the way through the night. *fingers crossed*

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