Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas 2008

What a fantastic Christmas! We went to Massachusetts to visit family and had a blast! Tommy’s dad came in from Corpus Christi to spend the holiday with us. It was wonderful for Max to have all his grandparents with him. He also got to meet Grandpops Bob, various Aunts and Uncles and a truck load of cousins. His favorite was Kendyll who he took a shine to.
Travel there was tough. Our flight out of Spokane was delayed quite a bit and we missed our connection in Vegas. So, we did the next best thing … flew into Manchester, NH and had Mema and Grandpa pick us up at 2:00am Christmas morning. Max was an angel baby and didn’t melt down until we got to NH and after 18+ hours of travel, he was entitled.

Max had a good time meeting all the new people, although he was a little overwhelmed with 30+ people wanting to hold him and being in a totally new environment. He’s also got 4 top teeth coming in and fighting a cold. So, he was a little clingy to Mom and Dad. So, the only part of the trip that wasn’t perfect, was pawning Max off on grandparents so we could sleep. He wasn’t having that. But, that’s OK. Although Mema might not agree. She wanted some more Max snuggle time.

We had a FANTASTIC day with Grandpops in Boston. We took Tommy’s dad out for some sight seeing and great food at Quincy Market. We also had a great worship service at Grandpops church. Max had a great time leafing through the hymnal with Grandpops. That was a very special day. It was also great to see Great Granny Rose and Ryan!

We also got to see some friends that we’ve been missing – The Ranalli family! Boy, it sure was great to see you guys and to finally meet beautiful Nicholas! Carol and Vinnie, The Silvernails (I can’t believe how big the boys are!), The Barrett family, Julian is a stud! … and too many more to mention! We are so blessed with wonderful friends and family!

I just wish we had more time to visit with everyone. It went by way to quickly! We love you and thank you for making Max’s first Christmas so special!

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Julie said...

Such a happy boy Pam. I'm so glad you had fun! Sorry we never got to catch up, but I'm loving the pictures.