Wednesday, March 25, 2009

California Dreamin'

We had a wonderful trip to Ventura! It was so great to be back in a “hometown” so to speak. Just awesome to see great friends and share laughs. Max traveled very well … although he was sick a bit and was fighting a fever. We think it’s probably teething. Considering, he was a trooper!

It was great that Amy let us stay at her!! What are best friends for? Loved hanging with her and Max’s Godmother, “Auntie Becky”. We always look forward to sharing time with our close friends. It was a bit of a whirl wind, trying to get a visit in with all the folks we love and miss. But we did our best!

As much as we loved the fine weather, killer food and wonderful company of friends … it’s always the best to come home. And we have reaffirmed, we love our little town of Sandpoint!

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Kelly Ann said...

We are so jealous, California dreamin is right!