Tuesday, June 16, 2009

2 great new things … Dancing and Praying!

Max has discovered DANCING! What fun! He just starts busting a move when he hears music, sometimes from the radio, sometimes from his toys. He gets even more enjoyment out of it if we dance with him!

Every time I think, he’s just as cute and as fun as he could possibly ever be …. He does something like this that just makes him even more of a joy!

Max dancing to Tobymac

Max and his prayer partner

Our friend Daphne gave Max this great prayer doll that he has just now discovered. Max LOVES him! He goes around pressing his belly and smiling while the doll recites the prayer. He’s learning to say, “Amen”. The other night, I put him to bed with his prayer partner. Needless to say, that wasn’t the smartest thing. I heard this prayer over the baby monitor for about an hour. Just when you would think he was sleeping, you’d hear the prayer start up again. It started to get a little creepy. LOL. But it sure is precious to see him get so happy when he hears the prayer and his version of “Amen”.

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