Thursday, December 3, 2009


Max went to see Santa at the Creek yesterday. He, of course, was hesitant … so we sat on the side of the room and watched Santa with other little kids first. Then we got up the courage to wave to Santa. He came over to try to let Max know Santa was nice and was talking softly to him. Max even was brave enough to give a high five and a fist bump to Santa. But, when it was time for Max to sit on Santa’s lap …. Uuuhhh…. No way! He put the vice grip on Mama. So, we sat in the chair and Santa stood behind us. This was the first picture taken. Right after, Max burst out into tears and held his arms out for Daddy. Poor little guy was scared to death. I could feel the death grip and him tremble. So, we ended that experience pretty quickly. LOL. I guess every kid gets to be tortured by scary Santa in their lifetime. It’s a right of passage.

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Lisa said...

We still tease my kids over the pictures of them completely hysterical on Santa's lap!!! Ryan's are the best!!