Sunday, February 14, 2010

Countdown to Two!

Look how handsome I am!

Inspecting the creation.

The countdown to two is ticking away! I can’t believe our “baby” is 2! *blink* TWO! Max is so strong, fast, funny, inquisitive; loveable, smart … I could go on and on! Proud mama! Some Maxisms – his favorites things at age 2:

Lights, this has been a fascination all along, but now he can control them and that makes it all the more exciting. Nighttime ritual includes walking around down stairs and making sure all the lights are off. We get particularly excited over the swag hanging light that he has to be lifted up to pull the cord and the ceiling fan.

Coloring is another wonderful obsession. Tommy covers the coffee table with white paper and tapes it down for Max’s daily new canvas. Every morning when Max wakes up, he is completely excited to see the vast blankness and anticipates, excitingly what he will create.

Watching home movies starring… Max! Every diaper change involves Max checking out the documented adventures of his life. It’s the only thing that keeps him still enough to change him without making a total mess. As Grandpa always says, “He’s the most well documented kid on the planet!”

Pushing around anything with wheels including the tricycle he hasn’t figured out he can actually ride on. It’s a total bonus if he is strong enough to flip the object over and spin the wheels with his hands as fast as he can.

Favorite foods: Oatmeal with daddy in the morning, peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheese, broccoli, spinach, goldfish, and bites of mommy’s go lean bars. He loves and drinks tons of milk and enjoys making cow sounds whenever we take the carton out of the refrigerator.

Getting ready for night night is the best part of the day. Max and mama snuggle and watch Blues Clues before we make the rounds to turn off the lights. Daddy is in charge of making sure dino-blankie is heading upstairs with us. I hold Max’s hands and try to get him to actually walk up the stairs instead of just floundering his legs like a crazy man. Max then runs for the fan and picks it up like “strong man” and grunts and shows how strong he is. He gets one binky to suck, and one to hold for good luck. (I think we’re breakin’ the binky habit for our birthday.) Kisses for mama, kisses for dada, family hug and down he goes. Night time prayer and lots of love.

What a beautiful time two is! I hope we remember it forever!

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Kelly Ann said...

love the update and hearing everything that's going on in Max's world! It would be great for you guys to come out this way one weekend and Max and Nicholas play! We should plan it!