Thursday, November 10, 2011

Big boy!

Our "little" Max is getting soooo big!  He has grown so much just since we left Idaho.  He fast, strong, and often doesn't realize his own strength.  He has to burn lots of energy everyday.  Daddy and Max go to the 'big park' down the road from our house all the time.  Max now does his 'stretches' on the monkey bars because he's seen Daddy do the same thing.  Sooo cute!
Part of being such a big boy, is our new big boy bed!  This was sooo exciting!  No more crib.  We always joked that he would stay in the crib until he figured out that he could climb out.  Well,  he never climbed out, which is good.  But since we moved from Idaho, he's been wanted to sleep in mommy and daddy's bed.  So, we knew it was time to banish the crib and get the big boy bed.  Gotta love Craig's list....we got an awesome deal.  Now Max loves his room even more and doesn't fight at all when it is time for night nights.
Some fun at the little park in our apartment complex.  Sporting some cool UGG, doing some hard work wear testing. 

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Kelly Ann said...

What a cool room, hope we can visit one day! Max looked so cute in his costume too!