Saturday, March 2, 2013

what 5?? FIVE! Happy Birthday, Max!

Happy 5th!
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How did I wait an entire year to update Marvelous Max?  Damn you Facebook! 
It's hard to believe Max is 5! What a big boy; he is just darling.  Max is a very caring and sweet person. I get lots of hugs and kisses served with my daily doses of, "I love you!".  He really is all Tommy and I could ever ask for and more.

We had the great "Maxabration" for his 5th birthday. We took the Amtrak train from Goleta to Anaheim. It's about a 4 hours ride and Max loved every minute of it. He always calls the Amtrak Surfliner his "favorite train" and often wants to go to the Goleta station just to watch in come and go. Imagine his thrill when he got to pack up his Cars luggage and actually get on the "favorite train" and go for this big adventure. He probably would have been happy with just that!

Favorite Train
Mama's pride and joy

I love my awesome Cars luggage from Auntie Becky.  Waiting for Pacific Surfliner.

But it got much better, GrandPops came out from Boston and met us for a Disneyland and CA Adventure extravaganza.  We rented a nice condo and stayed down for a couple of days and did the park hopper.  We really had a blast.  The only thing missing was Tommy's dad who was originally going to join us but, sadly, couldn't make it.

As soon as we got to Disneyland, Max was immediately chosen to march with Mickey's band and conduct the orchestra!  What a great treat!  He got his birthday pin at City Hall which was mirrored by his Mickey Orchestra button.  He kept pointing them out all day.

waving to his adoring fans

Max and Mickey!

Of course there were fun rides, the carousel, space ships and Carsland ... all big hits.  Pirates of the Caribbean?  Not so much... Max didn't like the darkness or when he got splashed with water.

Carousel with GrandPops

happiest place on Earth

Great Maxabration 2013 - Carsland

Daddy, Max and GrandPops on the teacups

I'm flying!

After a busy two couple of days even the exciting train ride back home was a little much and Max was ready to get off the train after only a few stops and "go home".   To entertain himself, and everyone around him, he sang "God Bless America" from Ventura to Goleta.  All in all, I'd say he had a very happy birthday and will remember his adventure for a long time.

Mouse ears from GrandPops

Happy 5th Birthday, Marvelous Max!!  Mommy and Daddy love you to pieces and are so proud of our little man.    ....
Like I always say ... it doesn't stink to be Max

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