Sunday, September 14, 2008

Beautiful Gifts from Godmother

So, you probably recognize this image from the title bar of the blog. It's one of our favorites pictures from Max's first photoshoot. Well, Auntie Becky, drew this amazing rendition for us with pencil and charcoal!! We can't stand it!!! It's such a wonderful heirloom we'll treasure forever!! It's hanging in our living room for all to see!! We had to share with you too!

Like the portrait isn't great enough, that she also made us this super cool Christmas stockings! Which is really great, because we didn't have any! Boy, do we know how to pick a Godmother or what??

Oh yea ... and the other thing we're super excited about is ... BINKIES!!! Max has these binkies that he LOVES and we couldn't find anymore. Well, Becky found them and brough him 4! So, we no longer have to be in a panic that we may lose one! WOOHOO!

Later today, we're dedicating Max to the Lord and having a BIG party! It's going to be a great day!!!

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