Saturday, September 20, 2008

Max's new odoor world

Max had his first experience in the grass today! He loved it and spent most of his time ripping it out of the ground! He and Daddy had a great time exploring the new territory! They were two little peas in a pod! Doesn't get any cuter!!

Max is enjoying the cooler weather. He's been crusing in the yard with Daddy the last couple of nights. It's nice that's it's not so hot that he's uncomfortable and is enjoying being outdoors more now.

Max is starting to teeth big time. He was pretty upset last night and we had to bounce him quite a bit to keep him from fussing. Max woke up late night and Daddy did some "freeway fathering" and drove Max until he fell asleep. This little pouty face was just before his fussy period. He looks like he's about to cry.... poor little guy.


Anonymous said...

So Cute! I spent the 1st 17 seconds when he was going to stick it in his mouth - I was rewarded at second # 19! HAH! Enjoy - love Candy

Anonymous said...

yikes - insert the word "wondering" between "seconds" & "when", then the sentecne makes sense...that'll teach me to comment at 11:30 PM!