Sunday, October 12, 2008

Big Boy!

Max is getting to be such a BIG boy! We had a nice cruise in the back pack downtown. He was all bundled up in his patagonia bunting that his Auntie Becky got for him. Which was good because it's getting a bit chilly in Northern Idaho! But not for Max, he was all cozy! We did a walk and a stop at Octoberfest. He's got quite the styling rig and likes being up high and seeing everything going on while riding on Daddy's back.

Max has officially outgrown his infant tubby and is now bathing in the sink. It's a whole new world where he can splash around and have some fun with rubber duckies! Now bath time is super duper fun.... a bit messy because he splashes water everywhere! But it's sooo funny to watch him enjoy and play so much!

We can thank Daddy for the strategic placment of the rubber duckies as to avoid future embarassment!

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