Monday, October 6, 2008

Max's first cold

It's official ... Max has his first cold and he's miserable! Poor little guy ... and I gave it to him! I've been fighting this thing for a week now, and being the giver that I am, passed it along to Max. Tommy has been up most of the night with him and I'm on duty now. Since I wasn't feeling great to begin with, I'm staying home. We've learned that Max hates the booger sucker outter thingie and having his nose wiped. Oh well, he better get used to it. It seems if he sleeps upwards, with his head on my shoulder, he's less congested and can breathe a little better. Everything I've read on the internet and books says cold meds for kids under 2 is not a good idea. It's all about the snot sucker and a humidifier. Ok moms out there, bring on the advice!

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