Monday, June 14, 2010

Another boring story

I love when Max does something new that tickles my fancy and makes me smile ... then I realize that every other kid on the planet did the same thing and the silly stories are lame to everyone I tell them to. They're just smiling at me to be friendly.

Here is one of those stories: Max is suddenly facinated with playing in the car. The adventure of being in the car but not restricted to the car seat must be very liberating; he just loves it! He's in the driver's seat and is the navigator of our jouney. Pushing buttons, lifting leavors, putting cD's in and out of the arm rest, hazzard lights on/off/on/off/.... all make for all kinds of fun. We were in there for almost an hour the other day. I finally had to pry him out because he was sporting a poopy diaper. OK ... probably a little too much info in that story. heee heee heee.

And look at this kid ... how old is he anyway? I decided to save this picture so when he get's his license, I can whip this out and tell him that I still see him like this age! 2 1/2! Poor kid ... he's stuck with a crazy mama!

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