Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

PLANES .....

Max is 100% boy and loves planes, trains and automobiles. This past weekend, our friend Robert, took us to check out his plane. It was super cool; Max dug it a lot. He got a little freaked out when Robert went to put him in the plane … I think it was because Mama was out of sight for 4 seconds. We didn’t go up flying… this time. But did have great fun putting our arms out and pretending we were airplanes and “flying” around Robert’s hanger.


Yesterday, we took our first train ride. Our little town did a free train ride promoting train safety, etc. We went with some friends and really had a blast. Max was sooo excited about the train. He kept making Uncle Brian go look down the tracks with him as we waited for the train to come. He loved looking out the window, pointing out trees and cows while making his “wooo-hooo” train sounds. It was really lots of fun!

Automobiles .... see post below on playing in Mama's car. :)

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