Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer Vacation - Take 2!

Tommy's sister, Cindy and the rest of the Govett family came to Sandpoint to visit for a few days. Max so loved having his cousins, Abbey and Chase, here to play with. Max instantly looked up to Chase when he realized he can ride the skateboard. They took turns, Chase on the skateboard, Max running his truck, up and down the walk way.

Chase was so sweet with Max; he went out of his way to get down to the little guy's level. Max just loved having a dude to look up to.

Chase and Abbey got Max in the lake! They did a great job of collecting rocks for Max to throw in the water. I don't think Max really cared what they were doing, as long as they were together.

Abbey helping Max navigate the lake.
Max and Abbey had a fun time playing with blocks in his room. They also had some mad tent/tunnel time and of coarse, snack time.

Grapes, strawberries and cheese .... Max likes to feed Abbey. Awe....

Max's adoration for Abbey is very apparent. He watched this video of the two of them about 50 times in a row!

photography by Abbey!

Two hot mama's ... that's why we hit the shade. :)
It was GREAT to see everyone! Max is still asking for , "Aaaace?" and "Abbeeeey?" Soooo darling, I just wish we all were closer together so we could enjoy the company more often.

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