Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer Vacation - Take 3! Seattle!

We had the final installment of summer vacation; we went to Seattle to see the Ranalli family. What a blast we had on our short visit! We did a 6 hour car ride from Sandpoint to Seattle and Max was an absolute champ! He did very well on his first big road trip. He did have one minor incident where he barfed all over the car about 20 minutes from our destination. But, us pulling over to clean up kept us from being caught up in an accident that wasn't too far up the road. God works in mysterious ways.

We went to the Woodland Park Zoo and it was the best day ever! It was a little overcast and cool, but that made all the animals out for our visit. Max and Nicholas were two little peas in a pod and it was so much for to see the zoo through their eyes. It was also heartwarming to see these two little guys get used to each other and play. Just darling!

Nicholas and Max ... bosom buddies.

Nicholas and Max check out the kimono dragon. This was super cool and very impressive ... for the parents too.

The best way to travel? On Daddy's shoulders of coarse!

Nicholas investigating the bear cave ... Max is going to make sure Nicholas is safe before he goes in too.

Look at this darling face! I think Nicholas was just about to tell Daddy it was OK for him to explore the bear cave ... even though Daddy had reservations.

It was really fun to watch Nicholas and Max RUN through the zoo! They were both so excited and just took turns chasing each other ... The Daddies are not far behind!

The Rowell and Ranalli family. Great Friends!

Mama and Max checking out the elephant. Max was so happy to see all these animals in real life! I already can't wait to go back.

Darling Christian! He is the most perfect baby ever. He's smiling all the time and had a great disposition. I forgot he was there sometimes he was so good. And look at those big blue eyes! He looks just like his pretty mama.

Nicholas and Max getting ready to ride the carousel.

Max was kind of freaked out on his first carousel ride, partially because some guy stepped on his fingers right before the ride. He cried when we rode by and waved at Daddy, but then wanted more once the ride was over.
We went to this great Castle Park near the Ranalli home; the boys had all kinds of fun running around. There were also great black berry bushes to pick berries from along the way.

Nicholas is a master balancer!

Max loves to slide!

Super Mom Kelly can do it ALL! Truly, the most amazing Mom!

Max and Nicholas both have a great love for Thomas the Train. This is them watching their favorite show together.
Kelly and Chris .... we had an amazing weekend! Thank you so much for your hospitality ... and Nicholas for being so generous, sharing his toys with Max. This was the best weekend in a long time! I can't wait to do it again! Love you!!

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