Monday, September 20, 2010

Green Thumb

Daddy makes sure Max gives all the plants a good drink.

Max loves to do anything that daddy does! So, without question, one of Max’s favorite things to do is work in the garden. He LOVES to water; as Mema would say, “water bug”. Tommy has done a wonderful job with a beautiful garden in our yard. He’s grown strawberries, several types of lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, chard, and various flowers, etc. Let it be knows, that mama complains about the garden a lot because it’s taken a lot of precious time, but the results are truly amazing. Tommy (and Max) have a lot to be proud of.

These are just a couple of pics to show Max doing one of his favorite activities and Tommy’s green thumb. The great thing is, we can give Max a hose with dribbling water, and he’s good to go for an hour. LOL

Here is an off topic video ... Max daning to "They Must Be Giants"... sooo cute!


Anonymous said...

Cute cute CUTE!!!!!! God bless blues clues!

Kelly Ann said...

Beautiful garden!