Friday, October 1, 2010

It's fun to be Max!

Max, Uncle Brian, and I went to River Front Park in Spokane last weekend and had a total blast! We were trying to keep Max out of Tommy's hair so he can work on building his play set in the back yard. Brian was nice enough to help me entertain Max.

Mostly it was a great day. Max did have a little issue with barf in in Uncle Brian's car. Yikes. So we pulled off to the side of the road. I stripped down Max, cleaned him up and gave him fresh clothes. While Brian had the yucky job of cleaning out the car seat. What a great uncle!

We walked around River Front Park and looked at the pretty rivers, saw the neat train, and took a ride on the carousel. Max really liked that and probably would have stayed on it for hours if we let him. We followed up with a trip to the new Apple store and various retail therapy... and Chinese food from PF Chang's! It was a great day. Thanks Uncle Brian for sharing is a special time.

I know we just spoke of how much Max likes to water ... but look at the joy on this boy's face! We can get an hour of "free" time if we just turn on the hose and give it to Max. I'm not quite sure what we'll do this winter to keep him occupied.
This is the look he gets on his face just when he's about to water Mama!

Sunflowers from the garden.

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