Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ground Breaking

We had our ground breaking ceremony for Max's play set this weekend. We're ready for the fun to begin!

Corpus Grandpa got Max an awesome play set earlier this year. Time for gardening is now over, so we've got some construction to do! And if it involved digging in the dirt, you can be sure Max is all over it! It's got the perfect location so we can look up at the pretty mountain while Max plays.

The shovel was a little big for Max, but that didn't stop him from jumping right in the middle of the activity. He even was stomping his foot on the shovel like he saw Daddy do.

Max makes sure that Daddy measures properly. Measure twice, cut once. Well, we did a little re-digging. Luckily it all worked out perfectly.

Taking some time to really get into the dirt. There are very cool earth worms that have been exposed.

No smiling... I take my digging very seriously.

Just a glimpse at some beautiful autumn color!

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Kelly Ann said...

Sounds like so much fun for Max! Wow, it looks like you guys live in a beautiful location! Love the mountains in the background!