Monday, October 11, 2010

Puddle Stomping

A little rain never stops Max from wanting to play outside. Right before this soggy play time, Max was all upset because it was time to turn off Thomas the Train. But, I said, "rubber boots" and "puddles" ... and Max perked right up!

Max had a great time running around jumping in the puddles trying to make the biggest splash possible. His buddy, Bear, loved having Max to chase. Needless to say, the two of them were a soggy mess by the time puddle jumping was over. Mama looked pretty silly in the pouring rain taking pictures too. Our neighbors must just love us! LOL
Even with our fire engine red rubber boots, we were soaked to the bone! Max could have stayed outside all day. The fact that he was water logged didn't seam to bother him.

Hey Mama ...why don't you stomp in the puddles too. So, I got my rubber boots on and stomped around with Max. :)

Autumn is well underway and it is time to start pulling some stuff from the garden and moving to the compost pile. Needless to say, it involves digging and dirt .... Max is all over it!
A big shovel is no match for Max ... whatever Daddy does, Max wants to do too!

Dragging 10 foot sunflowers to the compost pile is Big Boy work! What a stud! My boy is the bestest!

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