Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wonderful day for the Beach

We had a great day at the beach. Aunty Amy took us to her favorite spot. Max was happy to be hanging out with his buddy, and that he could travel in style with Aunty Amy carrying him on the difficult parts. Lucky boy!

Max LOVES to throw rocks! He spent the majority of his time tossing the rocks into the surf. He's a little afraid of the waves and runs away from them, but the beach is true bliss for him. You can tell he's Tommy's boy!

Thank you Amy for coming and visiting us today; it was really wonderful. I love this picure, just think it's so sweet and tender. I figure Amy will have Max trained for find sea glass before we know it.

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cindy said...

You are so good about updating the family blog even in the midst of the move, and I am so glad because I love keeping updated and seeing the great pics! The middle of picture of him throwing that big stone is awesome, and I think he may turn into a baseball player with that good arm. The video of Max throwing rocks was so cute, too, and reminded me of the day last summer when he, Abbey and Chase played in the lake and spent most of the time hunting for rocks for Max to throw into the water!

love you guys,
Aunt Cindy