Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Awesome August

It has been a totally awesome August! The boxes are finally unpacked in our new house in Goleta, and it's starting to feel more and more like home.

Max is having a blast, becoming a true California. We were lucky enough to have Max's cousin, Bobby, come out to visit from Texas. Max loved having him around as he was a terrific playmate.

Bobby was so good with Max! He got right in there and played trains, wrestled and all that kind of "boy stuff".

I think Bobby enjoyed himself as well. Who knows, maybe UCSB is in his future. Either way, it was super fun to have "cousin time". Come on back soon!

Deckers Family Picnic

We went to our first Deckers Family Picnic at the Santa Barbara Zoo! WOW! What a BLAST! The company rented out the zoo, so from 4pm-7pm, the entire zoo was ours! There was a great BBQ and all kinds of fun activities and games for everyone. Couldn't have had a better time.

Of coarse, our favorite part of the zoo is always the train! Max and Daddy are excited waiting for our turn to ride. Which was free for Deckers... woohoo!

Boy, we sure do get very excited about riding the train. It just never gets old!

Max got his face painted for the first time. There were so many to choose from, but Max chose a basketball. Such a boy!

face paint!

There was also a huge blow up slide, jumper thingie for the party. Oh boy, that was a scream! Max was all over that thing.

The slide was super fast and Max loved every second of it. He must have gone down that thing a hundred times.

Coming from N. Idaho, this just made me laugh. This is how California does sledding: astro turf and a cardboard box. The irony here is, we tried to get Max to like real sledding, with snow and all while in Idaho. He was never really interested in it and normally would end up crying.

But, California sledding, in shorts and barefoot, is an entirely different story! Now, that is fun! Max was going down that hill like there was no tomorrow.

It's even more fun when Daddy goes down with you! Seriously one of the best times I've had in a while. What a great party!


Grandpops came to visit for a few days. Max was in his glory! Grandpops is a complete push over when it comes to this kid... and Max capitalizes on it. I just love to watch the two of them together. Such mutual admiration.

We had fun exploring the Mission.

And Max was stoked to swim with Grandpops in the pool. Grandpops was such a good sport; he got totally waterlogged as Max just continued to play... and splash!

St. Raphael's Preschool

We're most excited about starting preschool again. We found a great place close to home and Max is thrilled to be back to school. He was also particularly excited about his new Ugg boots from Mommy's work. He is such a California boy already .... Ugg boots and shorts. I just love it!

Max's favorite things about school are: musical instruments, basketball, playground, lots of kids, and trains to play with.

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