Friday, October 14, 2011

More fun Max stuff

Max has been having all kinds of fun wear testing product from Mommy's work. I love this little fashion photo of him testing some fancy UGG slippers. Funny that you'd need sheepskin in Southern CA .... but he loves them.

These Teva Mush sneakers are his new 'go to' shoe. They are flip flops on the bottom with a sneaker upper. He LOVES these shoes ! He tells me he can run and jump very fast in them.

Max got his first bicycle! It's a balance bike; so there are no pedals. Mostly he walks his bike around right now, but he's learning to sit on it and push with his feet. It's all so very exciting!

This is after a very good day on the bike ... totally just crashed out on the floor for over an hour. So funny!

One of the other super fun things about where we live is the Railroad Museum right around the corner. They have these super cool mini trains that we can ride around. We go here a LOT! You just can never get enough trains if you're Max.

Max and Daddy having fun at Goleta Depot.

The best recent fun thing was a visit from Auntie Paula! Max just loved having being all chatty with her and playing. Auntie Paula has taugh him to say, "Toot toot ...hey ... beep beep!" Pretty funny.

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