Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July weekend

We had a great 4th of July. Very mellow, but we got some much needed rest. We skipped the parade because it was kinda hot outside and that makes Max fussy. (it makes Mom fussy too, but that's another story) We found out later that there was a prize for the kids' parade. I was disappointed then, because I was sure Max would have won the first prize! It's about time he started earning some cash and pulling his weight in the family! :)

We thought about going to see the fireworks, but Max was sleeping by then .... and frankly, I think I was too! Oh well, there's always next year. And the good thing is, he's so little now, he'll never remember how lame we were! Ha!

Max spent a lot of time doing his top three favorite things:
flying, learning to roll over, and of coarse ... drooling! Drooling is a constant these days. I'm thinking of just putting a drip bucket under his chin and cleaning it out as it fills up! :)

It's great fun watching him learn to roll over. He's mastered back to belly in a couple of days. But, he often gets stuck on his belly trying to complete the rotation to his back. He's managed a couple of times but usually gets stuck. I'm sure he'll have that down in a couple of days as that is how long it took him to get good at the initial roll over. (coming soon: video of stupid pet tricks - Max rolls over) Ha!

Flying is great fun ... just make sure he doesn't drop drool on your face!


Kelly Ann Ranalli said...

Looks great! We love to see pictures of Max, he is so cute! Looking forward to more...
I hear ya on the drool!

Bekks said...

oooo fun! I love blogging too. It's fun to see your little Max!

Here's a link to the Stewart Family blog!