Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Do you Jumperoo?

Another one of Max's favorite things to do is bounce around in his Jumperoo ... or as I like to think of it ... the "make Max super tired" toy! He's usually good and mellow after he jumps around in this bad boy for a while. I wish they made these for adults! ... oh wait; I'm already exhausted! :)

I made the mistake last night of taking the pillow out from underneath to see if his feet touched the floor yet. He flipped like a pancake! He couldn't make it bounce for 15 seconds and just started crying! I immediately stuffed the pillow back under his feet, then he cried/laughed and just started bouncing his head off again!


Lisa said...

He is soooo darn cute!!!!! That's all Ryan used to do as a baby, he would jump for HOURS in his "jolly jumper". Kendyll loves watching the video over and over!!! I hope we see you all this winter, X-mas will be so much fun with Max!! We miss you alot!!

Love, Lisa, Chris & the kids

Kelly Ann Ranalli said...

I guess all babies do love to bounce! He is so cute. I really do love this site, especially to watch fun moments like these!