Sunday, July 20, 2008

5 months

Max went for his 4 month doctor's appointment on Friday, even though he's 5 months tomorrow. He's a champ! He's 26 1/4" tall (70 percentile), 16 lbs on the button (50 percentile) and his noggin is 16 1/4" (75 percentile). He did one oral vaccine and on shot. He was supposed to have 3 shots, but I just think that's too much all at one time. So, he's going back for the other two in a few weeks.

Saturday was the monthly run to Coeur D Alene, to do the Costco/Target extravaganza and stock up. Max was a trooper considering we spent hours in the car. That's what happens when you're in the stix, you have to drive 50 miles each way for decent shopping. Then, we just hung out in the back yard for a bit.

We just got home from church and I guess the sermon was very stimulating for Max; he's been asleep in his car seat for the last half hour. I might also add, he's snoring up a storm.... he's a lot like his daddy!


equinegold said...

Check out that "like father, like son" hair do :) What a treasure! Sounds like Max is growing like a weed. Smart mom, putting off getting all the shots at once. I did that too, and it really seemed to help. I remember when I lived in Lincoln MT, we had to drive 60 miles in any direction to find a good doc. It was always such a pretty drive though and we also made a "big" day of it. Ahhh, those nice relaxed days of old (that was 26 years ago). Thanks for keeping us posted. I check the blog at least once a month to see what my 'adopted' family is up to. Big hugs and kisses to all.


Kelly Ann Ranalli said...

Sounds like Max and Nicholas are around the same size. What beautiful, healthy baby boys! I love the pictures of him sleeping, what a cutie pie. Don't you just want to wake them up when they're like that, NOT! I think naps are one of God's gifts to parents!

Cheryl said...

hmmmm big day of shopping @ Costco and Target??? Watch out for the 800 pack of Reese's peanut butter cups. They might not make it back in the 50 mile car ride... however you'd probably get back in like 10 minutes from all the sugar.
Kid is cute. When is the family coming to Cali to visit?
Hope all is well. muah! cheryl.